Town of Alton

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Town Wood/Trees for Residents

At the May 16, 2016 Board of Selectmen meeting the Board voted to offer residents of Alton (excluding commercial businesses) to obtain wood from trees that are on Town property or cut during road reconstruction in a Town right of way. Property owners of the construction site will have first choice. The wood may be hard or soft wood with no choice from the resident. These logs will be in approximately 12 foot lengths and will be delivered to the resident by the Highway Department only if there is a cleared, easily accessible area for the wood to be dropped and a signed indemnity form on file. There is no charge for this but the resident must call the Highway Department at 603-875-6808 to be added to the list and to fill out an indemnity form. The number of logs depends on the site they’re removed from and could be two or three logs up to ten or fifteen logs. Every attempt will be made to deliver the logs on a first come first serve basis according to the list, however, during the Highway Department’s busy road reconstruction season and other busy seasonal times, the downed trees will be delivered to the address which is closest to the construction site.

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